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  The Tull Tour History
Jethro Tull performed 3,135 concerts 1968–2011; Ian Anderson and Martin Barre continue to play Tull material on their solo tours. We attempt to collate their set lists, and provide supplementary information of album release dates, changes in line-up, support bands, and bootlegs in circulation. It's hoped that this will prove useful to researchers, music traders and the just plain curious. Tull have republished our listing in tour brochures and album reissues since 2002, so we must be doing okay!

  The Annotated 'Passion Play'
Jethro Tull's 1973 album, 'A Passion Play' is probably their most lyrically complex, and has often been considered impenetrable by critics and casual listeners. However, it is accessible, and the lyrics do have an overall meaning.


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